The Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Industry Group was formed in early 2015 to help drive the passage of legislation that legalizes and regulates the cultivation, distribution, and use of cannabis for specified medical purposes.

We represent the developing medical cannabis industry here in Pennsylvania. We advocate for a robust yet economically sensible regulatory framework. Throughout the legislative process, we will continue to educate elected officials and the general public about of the need and benefits of cannabis-derived therapies.

Our team includes both industry and public affairs specialists with rich, domain-specific experience at the local, state, and federal levels.



Lobbying Efforts

Lobbying and Advocacy - First things first, what's the current law and what should the industry expect moving forward?  PAMCIG utilizes professional lobbyists and advocates that work with state and local officials to ensure that as the laws evolve, it has a positive impact on jobs, taxes, patient access, and the overall cannabis industry. We recognize that legalizing medical cannabis was not an easy task.  There were many hurdles and naysayers.  But our work isn't done yet, and there is still a lot more to be done. Our job is to work effectively with a cross-section of leaders in politics, business and communities to pull together the best possible outcome as we move forward with our program.

Expert Analysis and Alerts
PAMCIG tracks and analyzes legislation and regulatory actions that impact the cannabis sector.  Members receive regular updates and alerts to ensure a strategic and proactive approach regarding the issues effecting them.


Governmental Outreach
Through direct interaction with legislative leaders, their staff, members of the Administration and regulatory agencies, PAMCIG promotes and advocates on behalf of its members.  Whether through testimony in front of key committees or one-on-one meetings, our leadership and staff have earned a reputation of trust and credibility on the hill in Harrisburg that is second to none.

Member Driven Approach
Direct involvement of members in developing messages and strategies is the key to our success. PAMCIG arranges direct meetings with Pennsylvania Legislative and Regulatory leadership on behalf of its members. Hearing directly from subject matter experts, YOU, has a significant impact on the decisions these leaders make. 


Regulations and Compliance

PAMCIG is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. However, our legal partners in this regulatory space are second to none. In addition, our staff can guide you through the governmental hurdles, processes and red tape to ensure you are above board in all aspects.



Forums and Information

Public Policy and Business Forums
Throughout the year, PAMCIG arranges forums for its members to interact and network with each other as well as senior legislators and policy makers in the medical cannabis market space.  

News and Information
Information is critical to your business and our mission.  In addition to regular alerts on key issues, each month PAMCIG produces a newsletter to bring you a broader perspective on issues impacting our industry both in Pennsylvania and around the country. And we directly contribute to that! PAMCIG generates press releases and publishes Op-Ed pieces in media outlets to inform the public and policy makers about issues affecting our members and our industry.



B2B ConnectionsRelationships.  It's all about the relationship:  

Who you know and how you can succeed together.  The cannabis market space is relatively new.  PAMCIG makes it a top priority to connect traditional and non-traditional businesses to ensure companies can interact, network and learn from each other. Throughout the year, we host multiple networking opportunities in addition to providing personalized and strategic networking counsel.

Compliance &

Insurance Partners

In addition to the long list of benefits our association provides, PAMCIG has developed strategic partnerships to provide needed products to you at a discounted rate.
PAMCIG has teamed up with Foundation of Cannabis United Standards (FOCUS) to provide our members access to the best standards and certification the industry has to offer. Certification assures operations run efficiently while minimizing costs and reducing liability.  FOCUS works with PAMCIG members to continually improve their operations, maintain compliance, and remain on the right side of the law in this heavily regulated environment
We have also partnered with Next Wave insurance services who provides us with robust list of industry specific insurance products. These are the highest caliber services and we would not settle for less.
The passage of this bill is a thrilling success for patients and families who will benefit from this treatment, as well as for advocates and members of the House and Senate who have fought tirelessly for this cause for years.
— Gov. Tom Wolf